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I am not a Botanist & i can’t name these plants but I can admit I Admire them. – Hellopoetry (anonymous)

Hoping to gather more people to discover the therapeutic elements to gardening. For me specifically succulent gardens/arrangements. I will blog about caring for succulents, I will post pictures of my plants as well, I will talk about propagating your own succulent leaves & other interesting or different ways to make succulent designs or fairy gardens.


Cora May Roberts

If you guys haven’t noticed already in a lot of my garden there are frogs all around. That is a tribute to my great grandma Cora, she was obsessed with frog antiques or frog anything to be quite honest. My great grandma had a enormous garden, roses, wild flowers, daisies, you name it. She passed away in the early 2000 when I was about 10/11, I grew up in her house until I was 10. I have the best and most warm child hood memories in her backyard. Her backyard reminded me of wonderland. Cora gardened all her life every morning same routine & when I found my love for gardening I knew it was something that can still connect me to her til this day. Most of the frogs/frog planters I have were personally hers & I have placed them in my little patio garden to make her a part of my home. Hope you enjoy some cute photos of my garden & my great grandmas frogs.

Fathers House

These are the very first succulents I have ever cared for. Welcome to my dads patio garden. I used to live with my dad, he was the first person who encouraged me to seek out my interest in gardening & arrangements. I went over my dads house today to see how his plants have been since I left, they have grew & some have bloomed tremendously. It’s always sweet to see plants that were once mine in good care of the hands of another. Hope you guys enjoy these pictures as much as I do .

This planter is the first planter I had ever hand painted. I think I’m more into buying unique shapes planters now, I enjoy finding unusual planters to put my succulents in.

I didn’t make this, this is the first succulent terrarium that I had purchased in the streets of the flower district in LA. Such a beauty, now it stays hanging at my dads house.


My dad picked this planter out, he loves groot & little characters.

I got this for my dad as a Father’s Day gift a couple years back.


#succulents #plants

If you didn’t know before I’m here to tell you now, succulents are great for propagation. Propagation is the breeding of specimens. There are several ways to propagate succulents leaves such as, soil propagation, water propagation & dry propagation.

When taking a leaf from a adult succulent make sure to snap it all the way from the stem, you may have to twist but usually they pop off fairly easy. The first option for propagating is soil propagation; simply spread the leaves over a thin layer of soil and leave it out in shady sunlight. Soon enough within a month or two you should have some baby succulent pups.

The second way of propagation is water propagation, water propagation has always been a little more time consuming to me than the first option & the last option I will be talking about. Water propagation is simple getting a container with water, covering is up with plastic, preferably the plastic wrap. Once you have that set up sealed tight covering the water completely you then want to puncture small tiny holes in the plastic to insert the leaves inside the holes so it can begin to grow roots.

Lastly is the dry window ledge propagation, it’s very simple put the leaves on the edge of a window so it gets plenty of shady light, come back within a few weeks and you should see some new growth!

Some succulents take longer to propagate than others. Always remember to let the soil propagation & dry propagating leaves root before you start any watering process, once’s you do see some sign of life it is okay to spray with water once a week, the bigger they get the more water you can begin to give them. The bigger & older the leaves are, the better chance you will get for new life. Succulents are cheap & reproduce quite rapidly, soon enough you will feel like a very own plant parent.


My name is Chastine aka DesertTempest. I am DesertTempest because I love the atmosphere & serenity of the desert. Although I don’t live in the desert I discovered a therapeutic activity for myself, gardening, specifically cactus & succulents. Succulents are considered desert plants due to their ability to live in the most hot places such as the desert. Most Succulents contain water stored in their chunky, fat leaves, anyways we can save that for another day. My goal is to get more people to experience the joy & therapy plants can bring to your life.

Virgo plant lover

I began my venture with plants because of the beauty of them, I soon realized it was more than just how pretty they were, I enjoyed finding unique planters or pots to put these unique plants in, I found myself soon enough to be a plant mom.

In my blogs I would like to talk about:

  • Therapeutic aspect to gardening
  • how gardening helped with my anxiety/mental illnesses.
  • Succulents
  • how to care for succulents
  • some different types of succulents
  • Involving friends/family with your love for gardening

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